Prof. Gisela Dachs

Gisela Dachs
Room 6218 (Faculty of Humanities Building)
Wednesdays, 13:00-14:00

Prof Gisela Dachs teaches at the DAAD Center for German Studies and at the European Forum at the Hebrew University; she holds a PHD from the Department of Communication, Tel Aviv University, (on “news media consumption and identity negotiation among bicultural immigrants citizens in Israel”), but her expertise about media is also based on her long career as a professional journalist, having worked exclusively for more than twenty years for the prestigious German weekly DIE ZEIT, first as a political editor in Hamburg and then as its correspondent in Israel. Prior to that, she had begun her career as a journalist for the French daily Libération in Paris, covering among others, the fall of the Berlin wall. Today, she also writes for the Swiss newspaper NZZ am Sonntag and has a monthly column in Wina, Austria.     

She is the author of several books about Israel and the Middle East, and is a frequent lecturer about these topics in Europe. She has also lectured at the  Interdisciplinary Center Herzlyia (IDC) on ´Cross-Border-Journalism or How to be a Foreign Correspondent´. Since 2001 she is the editor of the Jewish Yearbook “Jüdischer Almanach” of the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem. Most recently,she is also the editor of the compendium “Country report Israel”, published 2016 by the Federal Agency for Civic Education in Germany that serves as an academic basis for the newly started Israel studies at German universities.