Austrian Film Forum


The Center for Austrian Studies, in cooperation with the Austrian Library at the Hebrew University, has set up the Austrian Film Forum which provides a possibility to view a selection of Austrian movies at the university. The idea at the core of this project was to establish an open and accessible forum for the general public at the Hebrew University and beyond, so as to create a possibility to get acquainted with various aspects of Austrian history, society and culture, in addition to the few courses at the university which deal specifically with those issues.

The target audience for the Austrian Film Forum is mainly students from various departments at the Hebrew University, who have had some kind of connection with Austria. This includes students of the Center for Austrian Studies, the European Forum with its different sections, who might have dealt or wish to deal in the future with certain aspects of Austria as part of their studies and research, as well as students, who completed language courses in Austria or applied for them. In that sense we intended to establish a forum which also serves in an informal framework as a reference point for students who wish to get a basic idea about Austria, for example, as preparation to a study trip to Austria and students who seek to enhance and deepen their connection to Austrian culture after coming back from a language course in Austria or for any other reason.