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The European Forum at the Hebrew University

The European Forum at the Hebrew University was established in March 2005. The Forum includes research centers, graduate study programs, and research funds. It is a multi- and interdisciplinary intellectual community bridging among the social sciences, humanities, and legal studies. Its administrative management is anchored in the Faculty of Social Sciences. The following centers are part of the Forum:

The common interest of all the centers is the European integration in its broader sense, involving historical perspectives and comparative methods. The Forum focuses on teaching and research of important long-term processes in Europe, and on the European integration and its nexus with Israel and the Middle East. It has two graduate teaching programs, one in European Studies and one in Contemporary German Studies. In addition, the Forum applies for competitive grants and various other funding possibilities so as to enrich its research and teaching activity, and to support advanced students and young scholars from the Forum and other relevant departments of the Hebrew University.

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