The students of the European Forum's study programs acquire extensive and unique tools and knowledge that give them an advantage in their integration into the public sector, the business sector, and the research and teaching system in academic institutions in Israel and abroad.

Our students are employed in the Knesset Research and Information Center, were accepted to the Cadet Course of the Israeli Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Economy, work for the Ministry of Defence, are parliamentary assistants of members of the European Parliament, joined European Union consulting firms in Brussels as lobbyists and employees, and work for the Israeli Delegation to the European Union.

Daniel Aschheim  

Aschheim, Daniel

  Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Israel in Senegal, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nir Ben-Schlomo Halevy  

Ben-Schlomo Halevy, Nir


Business Analyst, Arvato Bertelsmann, Arvato CRM Services Münster, NRW, Germany

Omri Ben Yehuda  

Ben Yehuda, Omri

  Fellow in the Context of the Minerva (Max-Planck Gesellschaft) Postdoctoral Fellowship
Yemima Cohen  

Cohen Aharoni, Yemima

  Stand up comedian and Sponsorship Manager at First Person Arts 
Damian Filut  

Filut, Damian

  PhD Candidate at the European Forum in European Studies
Deputy Director of the MASHAV Educational Training Center (METC)
Yoav Fridman  

Fridman, Yoav

  Head of Research & Innovation Authority at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
Itamar Gelbfish  

Gelbfish, Itamar

Attorney at the Criminal Department, State Attorney  
Michal Grinberg  

Grinberg, Michal

  Senior Associate at Avisa Partners, a private European Public Affairs Consultancy
Victor Gurevich  

Gurevich, Victor


Teacher for History and Civic Education at the Johanna Jabotinsky Youth Village High School in Beer Yaakov

Marta Kleiman  

Kleiman, Marta

  EU desk at HUJI's Authority for Research and Development
Marianna Levtov  

Levtov, Marianna

  Doctoral Candidate, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Dana Miller  

Miller, Dana


GovTech Department at CREATORS

Netta Moshe  

Moshe, Netta

  Research and Information Coordinator, Knesset Research and Information Center
Avraham Rot


Rot, Avraham

  Doctoral Candidate, Humanities Center, Johns Hopkins University
Marc Volovici


Volovice, Marc

  Doctoral Candidate, Princeton University


Waldman, Ofer

  Doctoral Candidate, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Freie Universität Berlin