Table of Contents

Funded Research Projects


Group Research Project

German Postwar Visual History in an European Framework – Historiography, Appropriation, Legal Regulation

Project head: Dr. Tobias Ebbrecht‐Hartmann

Funded by the DAAD Center for German Studies


Individual Research Projects

Shani Bar-Tuvia, PhD candidate, International Relations

The Diffusion of Restrictive Refugee Policies among Western States and the Role of Germany as a "Normative Core"

Funded by the DAAD Center for German Studies


Marc Brüggemann, PhD candidate, German Studies

The Olympic-attack: A transnational comparison of the collective memories of Israel and Germany

Funded by the DAAD Center for German Studies


Daniel Aschheim, PhD candidate, European Studies

Bruno Kreisky’s Premature Role as a Peacemaker in the Middle East: The Paradoxes of Jewishness, Socialism and the Middle Eastern Conflict

Funded by the Aron Menczer Fund


Adi Burtman, PhD candidate, Musicology

Otellos' Jealousies: The Socio-Musical Mapping of Emotion in 19th Century Italy; Rossini's Otello ver. Verdi's

Funded by the the Center for the Study of Italian Culture and Corinaldi Fund