Colloquium Schedule for the Academic Year 2020/21

Colloquium Schedule for the Academic Year 2020/21

Wednesdays, 18:30-20:00, Faculty of Humanities, Room 6205






Introduction to the colloquium
Book Presentation with Dr. Oded Steinberg, author of "Race, Nation, History: Anglo-German Thought in the Victorian Era (2019)



The Kelsen Legacy: Reflections upon the Centennial to the Austrian Constitution

Karoline Edtstadler, Austrian Federal Minister for the EU and Constitution at the Federal Chancellery
Prof. Barak Medina, Rector of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Honorable Prof. Yitzhak Englard
, Former Supreme Court Justice and Bora Laskin Chair in Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Have Hans Kelsen's Pure Theory of Law, His Fascination for Religion and His Concept of Religion a Jewish Background?

Prof. Clemens Jabloner, Professor for Legal Theory at the University of Vienna and Director of the Hans Kelsen Institute
Kelsen as a Constitutional Technician: Interactions between the Pure Theory of Law and the Design of the Austrian Constitution

Prof. Otto Pfersmann, Director of Studies and Chair of Law at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS), Paris
The Austrian Constitutional Exception: Normative Explicitness and Democratic Confidence

Prof. Gisela Dachs, European Forum at the Hebrew University


Judy Dempsey, Senior Fellow at Carnegie Europe and Editor in Chief of the Strategic Europe Blog
Is Europe a Strategic Player?




Dr. Ulrich Brückner, Jean Monnet Professor for European Studies, Stanford University in Berlin
After the US-Elections: What to Expect for Transatlantic Relations?




Dr. Tibor Shalev-Schlosser, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Germany and Israel: Very Special Relations - 1990-2013




Prof. Frank Biess, University of California
German Angst - Fear and Democracy in Postwar Germany



Prof. Luis Simons, The Institute for European Studies, Brussels
Subject or Object? Europe in Sino-American Competition



Prof. Jonathan Rynhold, Bar-Ilan University
Great Britain and Europe after Brexit



Prof. Esra Özürek, University of Cambridge
Subcontracting Guilt, Cultivating Empathy, Domesticating Masculinity: Holocaust Memory and Immigrant Integration in Germany

12/05/2021   Europe Day

Dr. Orna Keren-Carmel, European Forum at the Hebrew University
Scandinavia and Israel - The Beginning of Relations (Book presentation)



Isaac Eilat, Adv., PhD Candidate at the History Department, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Nazi Visions of Europe


16/06/2021   Annual Zilk LectureProf. Renate Meyer, Vienna University of Economics and Business & Copenhagen Business SchoolGovernance Gaps as Challenges to Urban Coordination and Cohesion – Examples from the City of Vienna
30/06/2021   Student Presentations