Moshe, Netta

I hold a BA in PPE (Philosophy, Economics and Political Science) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an MA in European Studies magna cum laude from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an MA in Law Studies cum laude from Bar-Ilan University. Winner of the Rector's and Dean's Prizes. Since 2012, I have been working as a researcher in the Research and Information Center of the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament). The Research and Information Center of the Knesset provides the Knesset members, committees, and departments with data, research papers, and background studies pertaining to current debates, legislation, and relevant parliamentary activity, on a variety of topics on the Knesset's agenda. My main research areas are: Immigration, Employment, Budget Supervision.

My studies at the European Forum have deepened my knowledge in comparative reviews, especially in familiarity with the mechanism and products of the European Union. This knowledge is critical in my field of work, in which I am often required to examine and present to Knesset members alternatives from the world in policy planning and implementation. In addition, I have gained practical experience in presenting to official forums in Israel and abroad, getting to know and dealing with negotiation management and decision-making processes.