Guest Lecture: Rebuilding the World after 1989, Tearing up the post-Wall Peace in 2022

Mon, 28/03/202218:45-20:20
Faculty of Humanities Building, Room 6205 and via Zoom
Prof. Kristina Spohr, London School of Economics & Johns Hopkins University

30 years have passed since the peaceful disintegration of the Soviet empire; 31 years since Germany reunited and Europe was transformed in the aftermath of the revolutions of 1989. All round, after 1991 hope blossomed for a new departure in European and indeed world politics. It seemed that the Cold War had been brought to an end in a genuine spirit of cooperation. Three  decades on, all dreams of a Russo-Western Alliance have long evaporated. A month ago, Russian military forces invaded Ukraine. And China, which chose its own distinct exit from the Cold War after the Tiananmen massacre, appears to tolerate if not support Russian actions. If after 1989, political leaders set out to carefully build a better world, today we are witnessing the end of said post-Wall order - shattered by force. How did we get here, and what does it mean for the future of the European and global order?

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