Dr Anita von Poser

15 AVP

Postdoctoral Researcher
Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Freie Universität Berlin

Anita von Poser’s research interests pertain to the field of psychological anthropology with a special focus on affects, emotions, belonging, and empathy as well as migration, aging, care, and the life course. Her current research involves ethnographic research with Vietnamese-born social workers in Berlin as well as trans-disciplinary collaborative work on the affective efforts of migration in clinical settings and everyday lifeworlds with colleagues from the field of cultural psychiatry and global mental health.

Selected publications: 

  • Nguyen, Main Huong, Jörg-Christian Lanca, Eric Hahn, Anita von Poser, Edda Willamowski, Ketja Wingenfeld, Roland Burian, Albert Diefenbacher & Thi Minh Tam Ta (2020). Perceived Emotional Distress among Vietnamese Outpatients in Germany . An Interdisciplinary, Mixed-method Study. Transcultural Psychiatry.
  • von Poser, Anita & Edda Willamowski (2020). The Power of Shared Embodiment. Renegotiating Non-/belonging and In/exclusion in an Ephemeral Community of Care. Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry.
  • von Poser, Anita Edda Heyken, Thi Minh Tam Ta & Eric Hahn (2019). Emotion Repertoires. In Jan Slaby & Christian von Scheve (eds.), Affective Societies. Key Concepts. New York: Routledge, pp. 241-251.
  • Heyken, Edda, Anita von Poser, Eric Hahn, Thi Main Huong Nguyen, Jörg-Christian Lanca & Thi Minh Tam Ta (2019). Researching Affects in the Clinic and Beyond. Multi-perspectivity, Ethnography, and Mental Health-Care Intervention. In Antje Kahl (ed.), Analyzing Affective Societies. Methods and Methodologies, New York: Routledge, pp. 249-264.

Additional link: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Anita_Poser