Lectures and Keynote Speeches


Recent invited professional lectures/keynote speeches (partial list,)

  1. 10 January 2012, International conference organized by the Society for German Language. Opening lecture about the „Cultural-political relations between Israel and Germany“, Goethe Institut, Tel Aviv.
  2. 25 February 2013, Karlsruhe, City Council, Current Affairs in the Middle East.
  3. 11 March 2013 DAAD, Bonn. Regional Competence Israel, Opening lecture at the DAAD seminar.
  4. 16 April 2013, Münchner Kulturtage, Opening lecture about Israeli cinema.
  5. 24 March 2014 Baden-Baden, German-Israeli Society.Lecture about Israel.
  6. 25 March 2014 Karlsruhe, City Council. Lecture about Israel.
  7. 19 November 2014, University of Pforzheim.  Lecture about Israel and the Middle East.
  8. 30 November 2014, University Tel Aviv Wiener library, DAAD alumni-conference, keynote speech about German-Israeli relations.
  9. 5 June 2015, Kirchentag in Stuttgart, keynote speech about German-Israeli relations.
  10. 15 November 2015, Lecture for German school principals visiting Tel Aviv, Bertelsmann foundation.
  11. 17 February 2016, Lecture about current affairs in Israel and the Middle East, Federal Agency for Civic Education, Bonn.
  12. 10 March 2016, Presentation Jewish Almanach, Goethe-Institute Jerusalem.
  13. 15 March 2016, City Council Wiesbaden, Israel - Domestic and Foreign challenges.
  14. 16 March 2016, Saarbruecken, Current Affairs in Israel, German-Israeli Society and the Regional Agency for Civic Education.
  15. 7 April 2016, Presentation of the Jewish Almanach on Borders, Centrum Judaicum, Berlin.
  16. 19 September 2016, Lecture about Europe and Israel, Schwaebische Gesellschaft, Stuttgart.
  17. 21 September 2016, Lecture on Israel in Augsburg, German-Israeli Society.
  18. 20 October 2016, Presentation of the County report Israel at the book fair in Frankfurt. 


Chair of selected panel discussions

  1. 5 September 2010, International conference in Herzliya, Center for European studies, IDC, the Heinrich Boell Foundation Tel Aviv, the Israel Council on Foreign Relations. What makes a friend of Israel?
  2. 13 October 2010, German-Israeli Networking Forum, Tel Aviv.
  3. 30 November 2010, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. The Germans after twenty years of unity, international conference organized by the Richard Koebner Institute and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Israel´s perception of Germany.
  4. 30 November 2011, 50 Years of Turkish Immigration to Germany: Myths and Realities of German Integration Policies. Goethe Institute and Heinrich Boell Foundation, Tel Aviv.
  5. 22 – 25 May 2014, Tarbut conference about Israel, Schloss Elmau, Germany. 
  6. 9 June, 2014, EU Parliament Elections: What happened to the European Idea? Panel organized by the Israel Council on Foreign Relations, in the frame work of the EU Young Diplomats Forum Monthly Policy Talk.
  7. 16 January 2016, Israel and Germany, The Helmut Schmidt Years, DAAD Center for German Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
  8. 16 May 2016, Germany and the refugee crisis, DAAD Center for German Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
  9. 24 May, 2016, Can the EU keep it together? Israel Council on Foreign Relations, Tel Aviv.
  10. 2-5 June 2016, Tarbut conference about migration, Schloss Elmau, Germany.  
  11. 19 September, 2016, Schwäbische Gesellschaft Stuttgart, „Projection-space Israel: European perception, alienation and rapprochement“.
  12. 16 January, 2016, “From Entebbe to Mogadishu, Terrorism in the 1970s and its History,    Memory and Legacy”. Conference organized by at the Hebrew University Jerusalem.

Participation in conferences/panels (partial list)

  1. 28 May 2009, International coverage of Israel, Panel on the media, Mediterranean Journalists & Policy Leaders, Project Interchange American Jewish Committee Israel & Middle East office.
  2. 10 September 2009, In the Eye of the Beholder: 60 Years Bundesrepublik - Perceptions in Israel, Hebrew University. Koebner Center for German History. 
  3. 4 May 2010 Young Koenigswinter Alumni Conference in Tel Aviv.
  4. 26 May 2011, Laupheimer Talks on Youth, about childhood in Israel. International Conference at the Museum for Christians and Jews, Germany.
  5. 3 May 2012, Laupheimer Talks on Old Age in Judaism. International Conference at the Museum for Christians and Jews. Germany. 
  6. 6 September 2013, International Literature Festival Berlin. Images of Aging in the Jewish Literature.
  7. 3 October 2013, Cameri Theatre Tel Aviv, German-Israeli Literary Days, with writers Dea Loher and Assaf Gavron.
  8. 23 November 2014, Scholarly and Professional Conference International Media Coverage of Operation “Protective Edge”, Bar Ilan University.
  9. 28 February 2015, Berlin, Jewish Youth congress, invited participation for panel on the media.
  10. 13 May 2015, Symposium, Wiener Library, Tel Aviv University, Five Decades of Diplomatic, Scientific and Cultural Relations.
  11. 20 May 2015, International academic conference, German Institute for the History of German Jews, 50 years German-Israeli relations – from Diplomacy to Personal relations, Cologne. 
  12. 16 October 2015, International Bauhaus-Conference in Dessau, 50 years German-Israeli relations.
  13. 4 December 2015, Conference marking fifty years of German Israeli diplomatic relations, by the Federal Agency for Civic Education, Berlin.
  14. 26 July 2016, Talkshow “Der Club” in Zurich, Swiss Television, about compulsory army service for women.
  15. 17 January 2016, International Conference at the Hebrew University, about “Terrorism in the 1970s and its History, Memory and Legacy”.


Invited presentations in scientific conferences

  1. 8 November 2011, Dynamics of images in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Tel Aviv University.
  2. 19 May 2014, Ruppin Academic Center, Israel. Conference about migration research.
  3. 18 June 2014, Interdisciplinary Conference Science Po, Paris. Presentation of my thesis.
  4. 30 November 2014, DAAD alumni-meeting, Wiener Library, Tel Aviv University, key note lecture about “German-Israeli Relations”.
  5. 13 May 2015, Symposium Tel Aviv University, fifty years of diplomatic German-Israel relations.
  6. 9 December 2015, Tel Aviv University, seminar, department of communication
  7. 20-22 June, 2016, 32nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Israel Studies, A Western or Eastern Nation? The Case of Israel. Presentation of my PHD research.
  8. 28 December, 2016, Colloquium of the European Forum at the Hebrew University. “News media consumption and identity negotiation”.
  9. 17. January, 2017, “News and Terrorism”, International Conference at the Hebrew University, about “Terrorism in the 1970s and its History, Memory and Legacy”.