Funding & Calls

The European Forum at the Hebrew University offers individual research scholarships of 10.000 NIS each.

  • Aron Menczer Fund: Jewish Life, Culture, and History in Relation to the City of Vienna
  • City of Vienna
  • The Marjorie Mayrock Center for Russian, Euro-Asian and East-European Research
  • Center for the Study of Italian Culture & Corinaldi Fund
  • Center for German Studies

The Center for German Studies invites members of the Faculties of Social Sciences, Humanities and Law to apply for seed money (up to $10.000) to build research groups on any topic related to

  • Germany after 1945
  • Germany and the EU
  • Germany and Israel

Priority will be given to research proposals focusing on Mobility in Time and Space , i.e. immigration, freedom of movement, Schengen Agreement, mobility of goods and ideas, capital flows, energy, tourism, workforce, transportation, media, cinematic mobility, etc.