DAAD Center for German Studies



The DAAD Center for German Studies at the Hebrew University was founded in 2007. The center, which is jointly financed by the DAAD and the Hebrew University, is a graduate research and teaching institution affiliated with the European Forum at the Hebrew University and working in partnership with three faculties: Social Sciences, Humanities, and Law.

The Center for German Studies aims to promote the study of contemporary processes in German society: the role of Germany in the EU and European integration; Germany’s contribution to global economic, political, scientific, and technological transformations; Germany's place in the contemporary cultural and artistic scene; the political and statutory constitution of the German Federal Republic (the Basic Law after 1945); the social market-economy model; problems and perspectives following the reunification of 1989; and the German language, its past glory and new significance.

The center offers an instructional, interdisciplinary program dedicated to German Studies at both the master’s and doctoral levels.

The center organizes symposia and colloquia for scholars and advanced students, and open conferences for the general public. Symposia and colloquia serve as platforms to summarize and expand the findings of research projects conducted at the center. Conferences present current issues and debates in Germany to the wider public. Lecture series deepen the knowledge of students and the wider public on important, relevant issues. They also aim to enlarge the circle of partners outside Israel, forging new acquaintances and establishing new working relationships.


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Supported by the DAAD with funds provided by the Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt)


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