2016/17: Study Trip to the EU Institutions in Brussels

2016/17: Study Excursion to the EU Institutions in Brussels

Maya Sion Tzidkiyahu

February 5-12, 2017


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THE EU experiances numerous challenges in the last years. During the excursion, we will examine the day to day policy making and the management of crisis. In addition to the EU institutions in Brussels, we will also visit NATO.
Throughout the excursion, the group of students will hold meetings and discussions with senior politicians, diplomats, officials, experts and lecturers. We will visit the Council of the European Union, the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European External Action Service. Furthermore, students will visit NATO Headquarters for a day of lectures on various issues. We will also meet with Israeli diplomats from the delegation to the EU and NATO to discuss Israel’s relations with these entities and with their institutions.
This excursion brings the students to the multilateral institutions, where the integration process and collective binding decisions are negotiated. The aim is to deepen the understanding and upgrade the knowledge on these issues by a first-hand experience and sight, and to allow the students to meet, present questions and converse with bureaucrats, politicians and decision-makers on general as well as contemporary issues, and on specific topics which they take special interest in and write about. Another aim of the study tour is to expose the students to the EU/NATO-Israeli relations, and to learn from diplomats where these relations stand and where they are heading.
The excursion also acquaints the students with Belgium, a federal country split between the Flemish to the Wallonia linguistic communities, which some say is held together due to the central role of Brussels in the EU.