2016/17 Study Tour to the European Union Institutions and NATO

Study Tour to the European Union Institutions and NATO
Dr. Maya Sion-Tzidkiyahu
February 5 - 12, 2017 

Two multilateral institutions in Brussels, the EU and NATO, will be the focus of the study tour. While the EU is a unique supranational "beast", and NATO is a pure intergovernmental organization, both are in search of new goals to justify their existence. This is especially true for the EU, which is struggling with a pluri-crisis regarding its economic situation, challenge of immigration, terror, Euroscepticism, Brexit and rise of extreme political parties. At the basis of these crisis lies the question of its legitimacy and solidarity among its member states and peoples.

The study tour focus on the integration and cooperation within the EU and NATO and on processes of binding collective decision making. Its aim is to deepen the understanding how the EU and NATO work and operate, and to add to the academic learning an additional layer of understanding through visiting the institutions and meeting EU and NATO politicians, diplomats, officials, experts, researchers and graduate students working in/on the different institutions of these entities. The study tour aims to give a first-hand encounter with the political culture and state of mind in the EU and NATO, and to conduct and interactive dialogue, presenting questions and debating different topics.

Main topics:

  • Decision-making processes within and between EU institutions
  • Understanding EU pluri-crisis situation at close quarters
  • EU – Israeli relations from political, economic and cultural perspectives
  • NATO operations as pure intergovernmental multilateral institution and the challenges it faces
  • NATO – Israel relations




Day 1, Sunday, February 5: Flight, City Center of Brussels


Old center of Brussels – History, Culture and Tastes: The Grand Place, Manneken Pis, Belgian Waffle and Chocolate


Day 2, Monday, February 6: European Commission and Council of the European Union


European Commission


Mr. Mark CORNER: The Role of the European Commission as the Political Executive of the European Union


Mr. Christos ANGELOPOULOS, Unit Horizon 2020 Policy, Directorate-general Research and Innovation: Research and Innovation


Mr. Pablo CORNIDE, Unit Employment Strategy, Directorate-general Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion: Youth Unemployment


Council of the EU


Ms. Susanne NIELSEN: The Immigration Challenge


Mr. Peter SPOOR: The Counter-terrorism Coordination


French Fries at Maison Antoine


Day 3, Tuesday, February 7: The External Dimension of the EU


The Israeli Mission to the EU and NATO


H.E. Aharon LESHNO-YAAR, Ambassador - Head of Mission


Ms. Shuli DAVIDOVICH, Minister - Deputy Head of Mission


Ms. Michal WEILER-TAL, Minister Counsellor - Head of EP Liaison Department


Attaché Panel:


Mr. Gal MOR, Minister Counsellor – Head of Industry and Trade Office


Ms. Gali BAR OZ, Minister of Finance, Customs and Taxation


Mr. Haim TAGER, Agriculture Affairs Attaché


Ms. Shiraz DROMI, Senior Advisor for EU Trade Policy and Commercial Affairs and Alumni of the European Studies Graduate program


European External Action Service (EEAS)


Introduction: Mr. Krassimir NIKOLOV, Deputy Head of Division Migration and Human Security. Former Deputy Head of Division MENA-2: Israel, the Occupied Palestinian Territory and MEPP


Ms. Petra ANDERSSON-ERHARDY, Middle East Peace Process (MEPP) desk, EEAS: The EU's Policy on the MEPP


Ms. Miriam BREWKA-PINO, Senior Expert on migration, EEAS: The EU's Migration Policy


Mr. Luigiandrea PRATOLONGO, Deputy Head of Division "Economic and Global Issues", EEAS: The EU's Policy on the Climate-Energy Cluster


EIPA – Europe Israel Public Affairs


Mr. Alex BENJAMIN, Director of EIPA – Europe Israel Public Affairs: Lobbying the EU


Day 4, Wednesday, February 8: The European Parliament and Meeting with Students of European Studies


European Parliament


Introductory presentation and visit to the Plenary Chamber; Tour in EP building


MEP James CARVER, UKIP West Midlands, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee


MEP Ivo VAJGL, ALDE, Slovenia, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee


Institut d'Etudes Européennes (IEE), De l'Université Libre de Bruxelles


Debating EU Internal and External Issues with students in Advanced Master in Interdisciplinary Analysis of EU integration


Moderator: Mr. Mandel GOLDSTEIN, former EEAS ambassador, AlumnIEE president


Day 5, Thursday, February 9:


The European Policy Centre (EPC) - Visit to a Leading Think Tank


Dr. Yann-Sven RITTELMEYER, Policy Analyst: How Does the EPC Work?


Dr. Yann-Sven RITTELMEYER, Policy Analyst: The New Pact for Europe Project


Andrea FROTINI: EU – Israeli Relations


College of Europe


Prof. Erwan LANNON: The June 2016 EU Global Strategy and the EU's Wider Neighbourhood


Ms. Olivia TAVEIRNE, Communications Manager and Head of Student Affairs: The College of Europe


Ms. Joanna HORNIK, Academic Assistant for the European Law and Economic Analysis (ELEA) and European Public Policy Analysis (EPPA): The Economic Challenges Facing the EU


Mr. Ludovic HIGHMAN, Academic Assistant at the College of Europe in Bruges, Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies: The Brexit Challenges Facing the EU


Mr. Gil STEIN, Academic Assistant, European Economic Integration and Business (EEIB), European Economic Studies Department


Tour in the Flemish City


Day 6, Friday, February 10: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)


Mrs. Alicia AMBOS, Political Officer, Middle East and North Africa Section, Political Affairs and Security Policy Division, International Staff: NATO’s Relations with the Mediterranean and the Middle East Region


Mr. Michael RÜHLE, Head Energy Security Section, Emerging Security Challenges Division, International Staff: NATO’s Actual Polices


Mrs. Radoslava STEFANOVA, Head of the Russia and Ukraine: Relations Section, Political Affairs and Security Policy Division, International Staff:NATO-Russia/Ukraine


Mr. Ohad HORSANDI, First Secretary, Mission of Israel to NATO: NATOIsrael


Day 7, Saturday, February 11:


Discussion and Reflection on the Study Tour


Day 8, Sunday, February 12:


Magritte Museum – Guided Tour


Joint Lunch