European Forum Fellows

The European Forum Fellows program was established in 2016 to institutionalize and deepen the networking of researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Professors, lecturers, post-doctorate and PhD students), whose main research field is Europe and the European Union. In addition, international cooperation will be strengthened through guest lectures and workshops with guests from leading institutions in this field.

Each year, the program will focus on a specific research topic; this year (2016-2017) on Mobility in Time and Space in Europe. Eight meetings and one workshop are scheduled. Fellows are obligated to participate in all the meetings.

Junior Fellows: 10 doctorate and post-doctoral students of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem were granted a scholarship of 1000$.

Senior Fellows: Faculty members of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem can apply for support research groups, workshops, etc.

European Forum Fellows Program 2016-17


Wednesdays, 18:30-20:00 | Faculty of Social Sciences, Room 2415

Fall Term 2016-17


Dr. Maya Sion-Tzidkiyahu, The European Forum at the Hebrew University (Israel)


Mobility Challenges Facing the European Union: mmigration,Terror and Brexit


Dr. Hanan Haber, The London School of Economics and Political Sciences (UK)


Liberalizing Markets, Liberalizing Welfare?: Economic Reform and Social Regulation in the EU's Electricity Regime


Prof. em. Alfred Tovias, Department of International Relations, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)


Open Sky Agreements between the EU and Mediterranean Countries: A New Form of Deep Integration Bypassing the European Neighborhood Policy


Prof. Jens Woelk,  Faculty of Law and School of International Studies, University of Trento (Italy)


Cross-Border Cooperation: Legal Instruments for Building Bridges between States


Spring Term 2017


Prof. Philipp Genschel, Department of Social and Political Science and at the Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies , European University Institute (Italy)


The Refugee Crisis, the Eurozone Crisis, and the New Logic of European Integration


Prof. Adrienne Héritier, Department of Social and Political Sciences, European University Institute (Italy)


The EU under Challenge: Parliamentarization from the Top or New Intergovernmentalism?


Dr. Wojciech Gagatek, University of Warsaw (Poland)


Current Developments in Polish Politics


Prof. Bob Hancké, The London School of Economics and Political Science (UK)